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A Cure for Uneven Home Discomfort

A Cure for Uneven Home Discomfort 

A Cure for Uneven Home Discomfort A Cure for Uneven Home Discomfort…for years you have lived with uneven comfort in your family home. Some rooms are too hot; other rooms too cool. You thought a new furnace would cure the problem.  You hoped new windows and insulation would cure the problem. Despite all of your best efforts, your family still suffers from uneven heating and cooling.

The problem may not be your furnace or your windows or any other efforts you have made to eliminate the hot and cool spots. The problem may be small leaks and holes in the air duct system hidden behind your sheet rock walls! A central heating and cooling system is only as effective as the duct system that supports it. 

90% of existing homes have air duct systems with small holes and cracks that reduce the level of home comfort. These opening also increase your heating and cooling costs. With leaky openings in your air duct system, you could be losing as much as 30% of your heated and cooled air coming through your vents. Seal the ducts leaks and you cure the uneven comfort in your home. But, how can you fix your air ducts when they are hidden behind your sheet rock walls?


Aeroseal Sealing DuctsA technology breakthrough called Aeroseal seals leaky ducts from the inside out. The Department of Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy funded the research in sealing HVAC duct systems.  Using a revolutionary process, you can now seal leaky duct work without disturbing your walls and ceiling. Now you have a cure for the hot and cool areas in your home.

Home Performance Solutions is proud to offer this new technology to homeowners in the Twin City area.


Who are the best candidates for the Aeroseal Cure?

  • Homeowners with uncomfortable hot and cold rooms
  • Homeowners with duct work hidden behind sheet rock walls
  • Homeowners with higher energy bills
  • Homeowners with poor air quality
  • Homeowners with excessive dust

Is the Aeroseal safe for my family and pets?

The sealant material consists of a water-based solution (65% water) prior to application. The dried sealant contains no materials harmful to pets or humans. Last year, Aeroseal was given the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) label for a complete home safety. The UL stamp of approval is one of the most recognized means of evaluating a product’s high safety standards. Click here for most safety information.

A Testimonial About the Cure for Uneven Home Comfort

“My home was built in 1989. We had to deal with uneven heating and cooling. To get the main living area comfortable it would mean upstairs and the basement was either too cold or warm. Given the home is finished on all three levels it would have been very expensive to tear up ceilings and walls to properly seal the air duct leaks which was creating the uneven heating and cooling.

Home Performance Solutions approached us to try some new technology called AEROSEAL. We gave it a shot and cannot be more pleased with the results. 

They came in and measured airflow loss and leakage prior to sealing and afterwards. They were able to reduce the amount of duct leakage by 97.6%!!

The huge temperature change between floors has been greatly reduced! We have also realized a savings in our summer electric bills…20% at least!

I highly recommend both Home Performance Solutions and the new AEROSEAL product/process!”

John From Eagan


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