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Plug the Openings to Save on Winter Heating Bills

Plug the Openings to Save on Winter Heating BillsPlug the Openings to Save on Winter Heating Bills…It only makes sense that you want to close any openings with windows or doors that leave warm air escape from your home and allow the cold air to seep into your home.

Given that between 7 to 15% of heat loss in homes takes place around windows and doors, you should install new caulking and weather stripping around doors and windows to cut down on drafts. Weather stripping around doors and windows can reduce energy needs by up to 25%.

If you can see daylight under the front door, then you are losing a lot of warm air, which causes higher energy bills. Therefore, adjust the threshold such that daylight is barely visible to save energy and thus reduce your energy costs.

Do you have holes in the exterior of your home where electrical cables and gas lines enter the house through holes designed for them. This results in loss of warm air from the house. Seal these holes so that they do not let in any cold air.

Plug the Openings to Save on Winter Heating Bills—All the Opening!

Plug all of these opening to save on winter heating bills. You have other set of holes and leaks that may be raising your winter heating bills by as much as 30%.  You cannot see these holes and leaks because they are behind the sheetrock walls in your home.

If your home is as 98% of the American homes build over the last 50 years, the ductwork that carries warm air from your furnace to your rooms will have tiny holes and cracks in them.  Warm air escapes through these opening forcing your furnace to work harder to achieve the desire temperature in your rooms. With the loss of heat, you also experience cold or cooler spots in many of your rooms.

How do you plug these holes to save on winter heating bills?

A new technology, Aeroseal, exists that can seal openings and cracks in your ductwork from the inside of the ducts. First, we close all of your supply and return opening in your system. We run a computerized test to see how efficiently your ductwork is operating. By forcing air through your system, we can see how man CFM’s your system is losing.  We then use the Aeroseal process to force polymer particles throughout your ductwork from the inside of the system.  The process seals the holes and cracks from the inside.  We then run a second computerized test showing how CFM’s have improved now we have sealed  the openings.

Aeroseal is completely safe. The process lasts over 10 years in sealing your system. Most importantly, you have plugged the leaks in your system, you use less energy and your rooms have a more even heat.

Plugging the openings is the best way to save on winter heating bills. Plug those openings in the windows and doors. Plug the openings in the outside of your home.  Do not forget to plug the opening behind the walls in your home.

Give us a call and let us explain the Aeroseal process and how it can save on your winter heating bills. 952-746-5200.

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