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Energy Star Rating For Aeroseal

Energy Star Rating for AerosealEnergy Star Rating For Aeroseal…You are familiar with the government’s Energy Star rating system. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) puts on appliances, air conditioners and home heating systems the Energy Star label.  The label means, “This unit meets higher standards for energy efficiency.”

The EPA now recognizes installation and duct work in home systems are just as important as the actual machines in achieving energy efficiency.

 “Many HVAC programs focus almost exclusively on the nameplate rated efficiency of the HVAC equipment itself. This disregards the  role that duct sealing and proper installation plays in achieving improved energy efficiency,” said Chandler von Schrader.  Schrader is the national program manager for the Energy Star Verified HVAC Installation (ESVI). The new ESVI program addresses this shortcoming by refocusing its attention on a whole-HVAC-system approach to energy efficiency certification.”

 “Now homeowners interested in Energy Star level performance will have more than simply price on which to base their purchasing decision,” said von Schrader. “As well as offering a high-efficiency product, contractors need to implement solid installation practices and prove they’ve met a high standard of energy efficiency in order to receive Energy Star certification.”

Energy Star Rating For Aeroseal

In short, if you want an Energy Star rating on your air conditioner or home heating system, you will need to do more than just purchase a unit with the Energy Star label.

 “In the past, a homeowner could buy an Energy Star-rated air conditioner or furnace thinking he or she will automatically receive the energy savings and high efficiency for which that system is rated. But unless that unit is installed properly and the duct system is running effectively, it will never provide the expected results,” said Bryan Barnes.

How do you obtain an Energy Star rating on your home system? With ESVI, homeowners looking for Energy Star certification of their HVAC system may begin by finding a participating HVAC contractor.

The contractor will install or upgrade the HVAC system using best installation practices as outlined by the ESVI program. When the job is completed, the contractor will submit its work for testing and verification. Once the quality of the work is confirmed, the homeowner will receive the ESVI Certificate for the new system.

Our Aeroseal Home Performance Solutions can provide you with the ESVI certification. Give us a call so we can show you how to obtain an Energy Star rating for your home to give you the energy savings you want and need.   952-746-5200.


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