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Flu Like Symptom in Your Home?

Flu Like Symptom in Your Home?Flu Like Symptom in Your Home…Does your family suffer from winter sneezes, coughs, viruses?  We commonly write these off as “Flu Like Symptoms.”  Most people do not realize that indoor air pollution levels are higher than outdoor levels.  Sometimes these can be two to ten times higher according to leading allergist and immunologists. 

The EPA says two out of three indoor air quality problems involve the HVAC system. Leaky ventilation shafts and other ductwork issues can directly contribute to Flu Like Symptoms. When these particles become airborne, you can experience allergic symptoms and flu like symptoms. 

Flu Like Symptom in Your Home?

While home purification systems help, you could be fighting a losing battle. What if the problem is behind your sheetrock walls?  Surveys have shown that 98% of the homes built in America have small cracks and openings in their duct system.  These openings affect the heated and cool air from your furnace to your rooms.

For starters, these small openings and cracks in your ductwork are creating higher heating bills.  Warm air is lost through the small openings. This can be as much as 30% of your heated air depending upon your home. This loss of heated air also creates “cool areas” in your rooms.

When cold air returns to your furnace, these small openings and cracks cause another problem. The cold air suck in pollutants and dust mites as it travels over dirty crawl spaces and attics.

A home purification system can address the pollutants in the air. But would it not be better to stop the pollutants from entering the air in the first place?

How to Correct Flu Like Symptom in Your Home?

How can you correct this problem of poor air quality and Minnesota winters? With the help of the Department of Energy, a product has been developed that can seal the holes and cracks from inside of the ductwork. The product is called Aeroseal.

The Aeroseal process can reduce the amount of leakage by as much as 90%. This reduces dust and other indoor air pollutants from the air in your home. This simple process is ideal for existing homes facing indoor air quality issues. The Aeroseal air duct sealing process leaves no lingering odor. It is perfectly safe for people and animals. It will seal the holes and cracks in your ductwork for up to 10 years See this video demonstration on how Aeroseal works. 

Call Now To Learn More about Flu Like Symptom in Your Home?

Is it time for you took at closer look at your indoor air quality? Maybe the air in your home is more than just Flu Like Symptom in Your Home? Your HVAC system may be causing indoor air quality issues for your family. There is one way to find out. Give us a call and let us do a home testing on your ductwork system. We can  identify how much leakage your home maybe experiencing. We can perform a simple computerized test on your ductwork. It maybe the best investment you can make for a healthy family. 952-746-5200.


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