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A Solution to Uneven Heat in Your Home

A Solution to Uneven Heat in Your HomeA Solution to Uneven Heat in Your Home…As we move through another Minnesota winter, do you find certain rooms or portion of your home are not as warm as you want them to be?  Maybe you turn up the thermostat a few degrees higher to get additional heat. It helps but does not eliminate the problem.  You don’t like the extra energy costs that come from this solution. A two degree rise on your thermostat can bring a 10% increase in energy costs.

So maybe you tried a portable electric heater solution. By adding extra heat to those rooms, you get mixed results from this solution.  Besides, you believe your furnace should do the job without having to use an extra heating source.

A Solution to Uneven Heat in Your Home

If you have uneven heat in your home, you are not alone. 94% of homeowners complaint about uneven heat in rooms or portions of their home.

There is solution.  As much as 25% of your heat can be lost in the small holes and cracks in the duct work that carries the heat from your furnace to your rooms. Seal up these holes and all your heat is carried to the rooms using much less energy.

Read below the actual experience of one of our customers about how Aeroseal solved their uneven heating problem. After you read their testimonial, give us a call and find how you can eliminate the uneven heat in your home.   Remember what happens with heat in the winter also happens with the cooling of your rooms in the coming summer.

A Testimonial about A Solution to Uneven Heat in Your Home

Craig and Michael,

I wanted to give you an update on the vent sealing your team performed in my house this summer.

Last winter, I would have to keep the house temp set at 73 degrees to get enough heat spread throughout the house, in trying to minimize the temperature gradations from room to room and floor to floor.  The master bedroom has the longest run from the furnace and it required a space heater for the coldest days, just to keep the room reasonably comfortable.

This year, the temp is set at 70, there is no temp gradation from room to room or floor to floor and the furnace is running less. We have moved down from 73 at the start of the year in one degree increments, due to the house being too warm!  I sleep with no covers in the master bedroom and am amazed at the comfort.

Thanks to you and your team at Angell Aire for making such a huge impact!  I am definitely impressed with the results.

Dana S
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