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Tips to Help with Spring Allergies

Tips to Help with Spring AllergiesTips to Help with Spring Allergies…Ever feel like you are surrounded by allergens? Don’t worry – you’re not crazy! Several common allergens like pet dander, dust mite matter, and pollen are found right inside your home all year long, with dust mite matter in dust being one of the most prevalent. These will be complicated by spring pollen’s.

Here are some Tips to help with your spring allergies.

Pay Attention to the Pollen Count

Pollen is the biggest factor contributing to your spring allergies, so it’s good to know when you need to be on extra-high alert. Thanks to the internet, the pollen count for your area should be pretty easy to find; it’s available on some of the big weather websites. When your area is at high risk of pollen, try to limit your time outside, and keep your doors and windows closed as much as possible.

Keep Your Home Clean

Try as you might, but pollen can still make its way into your home. Whether you’ve tracked it into your home or it’s come in through your air conditioning unit, you can never be too sure how much of it is lurking around. What better incentive to give your home a nice clean on the regular? If you don’t mind making a small investment, using a HEPA air purifier can get that in-home pollen count down. Also be on the lookout for pets who come in and out. They might be bringing pollen in as well.

Allergens on the Move

Allergens* don’t stay in one place for very long — they float around in the air, so using a room air filter can be a good idea to help reduce them in your air. Your air conditioning system will contribute the flow of allergens in your home.

Ductwork Sealing

In additional to the above measures to help with your spring allergies, you want to see if the ductwork behind your walls is contributing to your spring miseries.  Your ductwork has tiny opening in the systems of vents that are carry heat and cool air throughout your home. With these opening, you are spreading more allergens throughout your home.

Now there is a process that seals these opening.  Aeroseal can seal opening as large a 5/8 inch.  These allow air to move through you home using less energy and spreading less allergens throughout your home.

While this is not a miracle cure, but when combined with other efforts, you can make your home less a problem for spring allergens. Give us a call and let us offer you a demonstration on what ductwork sealing can mean for your spring allergies.

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