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Aeroseal Testimonials

Aeroseal Testimonials

Aeroseal TestimonialsAeroseal Testimonials…Dennis K had heard that effectively sealing the ductwork of his home could reduce his home energy bill but he had no idea that it would turn out to be the best financial investment he made in years. “Given the data collected from my programmable thermostats, you can visually see that the furnace is NOT cycling on and off as frequently anymore. The change is quite dramatic. My wife – an eternal skeptic – noted that the house has felt warmer and more consistent in temperature and of course more heat is coming through the vents. This is real tangible evidence that the process works.” Dennis K, homeowner


“We find that, in most every home we’ve tested, leakage rates easily run 20% to 30% or more. Since most of the ductwork is hidden behind walls or other impossible to reach places, the inside – out approach to duct sealing is really the only viable means of effectively sealing those leaks.” Bill Hene, Contractor


We were one of the first people in our area to try the Aeroseal product.  For years, we have experienced uneven heat and cold spots in our rooms.  Once we completed the Aeroseal process, we immediately felt the difference in room comfort.  We were also very pleased to see a reduction in our energy bills.  I would highly recommend this Aeroseal process offered by Home Performance Solutions.”  Chris H. Waconia

“My home was built in 1989. Back then it would have been unusual to have all the duct work taped or sealed in any way. Given the home is finished on all three levels it would have been very expensive to tear up ceilings and walls to properly seal all the joints etc. We had to deal with uneven heating and cooling. To get the main living area comfortable it would mean upstairs and the basement was either too cold or warm. 

Home Performance Solutions approached us to try some new technology called AEROSEAL. We gave it a shot and cannot be more pleased with the results. They came in and measured airflow loss / leakage prior to sealing and afterwards. They were able to reduce the amount of duct leakage by 97.6%!!

The huge temperature change between floors has been greatly reduced! We have also realized a savings in our summer electric bills…20% at least!

I highly recommend both Home Performance Solutions and the new AEROSEAL product/process!” John From Eagan