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How Aeroseal Works

How Aeroseal WorksThe Aeroseal Process Eliminates Uneven Room Discomfort

How Aeroseal works. Room comfort in your home depends on your furnace system’s duct work. The duct work system distributes warm and cool air from your furnace and air conditioner to your rooms. If uneven room temperatures is a problem for your home, you may have have cracks and holes in your duct work. These small openings prevents an even distribution of heated and cooled air. While you may see a water leak, the air lost from duct work cracks is invisible because it is behind your walls. The loss of air flow from leaky ducts leads to uneven room temperatures.  The loss of air flow is also wasted energy dollars.  It can create excessive humidity and dust, along with other indoor air quality concerns.

For years people were forced to live with uneven heat and cooling in their rooms.  Without ripping down walls, they had no access to their leaky duct systems.  They resolved their issue by cranking up or down on their thermostats creating even more uneven heat and cooling.  This solution only wasted more of their energy dollars.

How Aeroseal Works?
Using our certified technicians, Aeroseal 6-step process brings you even room temperatures and energy savings.

  • We cover wall registers to force air to escape only through the leaks
  • We conduct an air test to determine how much leakage is occurring
  • We inject sealant into the ducts for approximately one hour
  • As the air moves the sealant particles, they adhere only to the leak edges
  • A computer-generated analysis verifies the correction process
  • The Aeroseal process is clean, safe and guaranteed for 10 years

How Aeroseal Works in Action…

Watch this 10 minute This Old House video to see how how Aeroseal works in an existing home.

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